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A Leading UK Manufacturer of Desirable Ostomy and Hernia Support Garments

CUI Wear is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative garments for hernia prevention or to support an existing herniation. We use unique textiles and incorporate many features that create a balance between the appropriate level of support required and comfort, whilst remaining easy to apply, adjust and wear with confidence. Our aim is to enhance the overall quality of life for our customers.

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Customer Reviews

Hi Lisa, my supports arrived at the weekend. Very quick! Just done my first 3 mile run and it was perfect 👍 Thank you so much 🤩


I love wearing my CUI wear ostomy support belt so much so I have them in a few colours! I’ve used it running, walking and home exercising. It keeps everything secure and makes me feel very supported while I’m moving. It never rolls down or rides up. Amazing that you can get them on prescription too!

Jennie H

Swear by CUI worn your belts since a few months after my surgery and never looked back - just put my order in for the next three and can't wait for them to arrive! Kirin is my specialist nurse and she's brill. She did my first ever fit to measure. 🌟


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CUI Wear Ostomy and Hernia products are available on NHS prescription. Find out how to request your support wear as a new or existing customer.

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Enhanced Anti-Roll Edging

New Improved Anti-Roll Hernia Support Belt


C.A.T.S Vest

Cardiothoracic Unisex Vest

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Luxurious and Desirable Ostomy Briefs

Fulciolite Support Brief

The Fulciolite fabric provides a medium support level which is ideal for everyday wear and comfort. The internal cotton pocket keeps the appliance away from the skin to offer maximum comfort so you can wear with confidence.

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