Bespoke Service

Fulcionel BESPOKE Hernia Support Belts & Girdles

Our Support Garments have been developed alongside Healthcare Professionals to comfortably support the abdominal muscles following abdominal surgery and particularly stoma surgery. Designed to reduce the risk of herniation, support a hernia or following a hernia repair.

If our standard garment does not meet your needs, then our Bespoke garments can be custom made here in Leicestershire by one of our dedicated team members to your individual specifications. This helps to provide the balance between specific support and comfort so that it can be worn for even longer periods.

Our service allows us to ‘tailor make’ a belt or girdle incorporating one or more of the many features available to create the best possible option to suit your individual needs.

To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Support Specialists please contact us:
By email:
Or freephone: 0800 279 2050

CUI Wear Bespoke Fitting

Key features

Key benefits

Fulcionel bespoke garments are suitable for the following conditions:

• Colostomy

• Urostomy

• Ileostomy

• Gastrostomy

• Hernia

• Large Hernia

• Perineal Hernia

• Inguinal Hernia

• Hernia prevention

• Post-surgical

• Urine bag suspensory system

• General or any strenuous activity-work, sports, lifting, etc.

• Coughs, Colds and Hay fever

Ordering Details

With so many options available (as standard garments) the product variations and their codes are best fitted by one of our Support Specialists, who provide a free home fitting service.

To order or arrange a consultation you can call our Freephone number on 0800 279 2050.

Tailor Made

To create the best possible option to suit your individual needs