Support Levels

When should I consider a CUI support product?

You can benefit from various levels of support to either prevent a hernia or if you currently have a hernia to provide best possible protection allowing normal activity to continue. There are varying levels of support and different garments are available to best suit individual requirements.

These can be worn just for periods of strenuous activity or for longer periods of time to suit your lifestyle, your work or any sports. Support should also be considered even if you have a just a cough, cold or sneezing bout!. 'Lower level support' garments could be worn post-operation or as night time wear for added soft assurance and security. The materials and design of our garments will allow any stoma pouch to function whilst supporting the weakened abdominal muscles and area. Correct size and design to suit your own individual needs help achieve best results.

We can show you the various garments and discuss,/advise on what might offer the best solution but to also provide reassurance for any concerns you may have. Sometimes a 'hole' could also be cut to the size of any stoma pouch to allow the bag to sit outside of the garment if you so wish; although this does slightly reduce the level of support provided.

Whilst there is a standard range of support belts and garments we can also adapt these to accommodate any number of requirements or needs with a 'Bespoke' 'tailor made' service incorporating features to provide the exact fit and level of comfort/Support!

CUI Garment Support Stoma Pouch Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Anti Roll Hernia Support Belt
Hernia Support Belt with Adjustable Opening/Hole
Hernia Support Tube Belt
Hernia Support Girdle – Male & Female
Mesh Hernia Support Belt
Fulciolite Female Support Briefs
Ultralite Female Support Briefs
CUI Wear Seamless Support Briefs & Unisex Boxers
CUI Wear Male Ostomy Support Trunks/Boxers
CUI Wear Female Ostomy Support Briefs

When are CUI Wear support garments suitable?

CUI Fulcionel Belts or Garments are suitable for the following conditions:
Colostomy (C)
Urostomy (U)
Ileostomy (I)
Hernia prevention
General or any strenuous activity-work, sports, lifting, etc
Coughs/Colds/Hay fever

At what times should I consider wearing a CUI support garment?

Post-Surgical - Although rest is advised following procedures even if you develop a cough or cold some support even if light should be considered. Different levels of support from comfortable and light (seamless) underwear to high waisted boxer shorts/trunks with internal scoop pockets will gently house a stoma pouch.

Life Style - Whether at work or during leisure time there are many different demands on the body and in particular the abdominal area which can be supported in a number of ways. Adjustable belts can provide quick and easy multi-level support that can be controlled simply as needs or activities change. If there is an existing hernia garments can be adapted to specific needs to provide both a lift and support.

Support should be considered if you do not have a hernia as a preventative measure whether you are at work or for any leisure or sporting endeavours. These can range from simply sitting/working from a desk, if you are driving, lifting at all, Gardening/shopping etc or indeed any form of moderate, strenuous or variable activity.