Ostomate's Stories - Shane's Story

Ostomate's Stories - Shane's Story

CUI Wear Blog Shane Wearing Hernia Support Belt

My name is Shane and I live in the fantastic shire of Somerset, I have 3 boys and live with my partner who has 3 daughters.

My journey:

On my website stomaheroes.com, which I created, I have given a brief story of how I have come to have a stoma and the initial journey. The reason behind my stoma is Undiagnosed Diverticulitis, which caused a perforation to my bowel.

Upon my release from hospital I was struggling with a few things and wondered if normality would ever return, so my focus was to get back into work and get a reversal done asap, so how was I going to do that? Firstly, I researched and found out as much as I could about getting back to work and what I may need to support me in that, knowing that my body internally was pretty weak. Fundamentally Support Wear was the most important piece of equipment I needed to help me physically. I tried various items, but I found products that worked for me well, this is where I got in touch with CUI Wear who then made an appointment with the local Support Specialist.

CUI Wear Blog Shane Dressed For Exercise In Ostomy Support Underwear

This lovely lady called Kayte arrived and we spoke about my needs and she gave me some fantastic advice, and at the time we decided the wraparound was best suited for my needs at that time. The last 2 years Kayte has been really great with my own evolution and shrinkage of the waist line, to which I’m now using a tube support belt, which works really well. I can work comfortably in, I cycle with it on, and also its fantastic for use in the swimming pool.

CUI Wear Blog Shane Checking His Bike

My reversal didn’t go to plan so my ostomy support was going to be needed more than ever, and with the CUI garments I can get about my daily activities knowing that I’m secure and that helps reduce my anxieties and lets me get on and live life to the full.

Read the rest of Shane's Story on his Stoma Heroes website:

"I started Stoma Heroes in May 2017
after I went into hospital for an emergency operation.
Since leaving hospital I had a burning desire to bring
ostomates together to share one goal and that goal
to bring awareness and connect ostomates together."

CUI Wear Blog Jackie Discussing With Shane

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