BHIS Bra How To Measure

How to measure & check fit

Before the operation, take two measurements in a sitting position wearing your own bra. Measurement A exhale (stomach out) and measure under bust approximately two inches under breast crease, B measure circumference over bust.

Cup size equals: B (over bust measurement) minus A (rib/under bust measurement), this gives you the difference measurement, see your cup size in the below chart.

Measurement A = 38″           Measurement B = 44″
Calculate (B) 44″ minus (A) 38″ = 6″ difference (left column on measuring chart) which is an E cup.

Your size is Measurement A and the cup size.
Bra size = 38E

To check fit:
Ensure two fingers can be comfortably placed under:
1. The band/under the front fasteners (i.e. over wound)
2. Under the armpits
3. Under the top of the shoulder strap

Check the fit daily. If it becomes too tight, seek medical advice. Do not wear a poorly fitting bra as this risks damaging the wound.

Difference Cup Size
1" Difference A cup
2" Difference B cup
3" Difference C cup
4" Difference D cup
5" Difference DD cup
6" Difference E cup
7" Difference F cup
8" Difference FF cup
9" Difference G cup
10" Difference GG cup
11" Difference H cup

NB: Sister sizes can be one band above and a cup below your usual size or one band below and a cup above. Please see below sister size chart for further details. Find your current size and then use the next sister size on the same line.

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